Tuesday, August 23, 2016

Did You Know You Could Do That?

I'm flabbergasted right now.

As much as I use Pinterest, I have just now discovered a "new" tool they came out with in the latter part of LAST YEAR. Yes, that's right, this tool has been around nearly a full year and I'm just now finding out about it. #wherehaveibeen

"When you spot something in a Pin that you want to learn more about, tap the search tool in the corner. Then select the part of the Pin you’re interested in, and we’ll show you Pins just like it. You can even filter your visual search results by topic so you find exactly what you’re looking for.”"

For instance: Let's say I'm looking at the pin below and I want to know more about the polygonal item on the upper shelf on the right. I click on the magnifying glass with four corners. (The yellow arrow is pointing at it-- IMO, I think it's a little obscure.)

By clicking on the magnifying glass, you'll get a scalable box.

This is where you can grab any of the corners and zone-in on exactly what you're searching for.

On the right side, you'll notice a list of images that are similar to the one highlighted. You can scroll through and find information on it (i.e., where it's sold, the price, ect). 

Oddly enough, I found that this quirky polygon is sold at Trees n Trends. Same goes for everything else in the photo. ;-)

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Wednesday, August 17, 2016

Is Your Beautiful House Ugly?

At Trees n Trends, our goal is to help beautify your home with unique furniture and decor. With that being said, we would hate for ANYTHING to get in the way of that. Especially if it's dust bunnies, sneakers or your lackluster backyard. After reading 10 Things That Are Making Your House Ugly and How to Fix Them, I made it my quest to see how Trees n Trends could help out. 

First thing's first: I promise, no one wants to walk into your home and have to dodge domestic landmines (ie, shoes, keys, unopened mail). You're in luck...WE CAN HELP! Like the saying goes, "Everything has a place and every place has a thing." The apothecary cabinet would be that "place" for all of your "things".

Coast to Coast 2-door Media Center
Another thing on their list was offending odors. Nothing is pretty when what you're smelling is UGLY! But, it just so happens that our stores carry a varying array of fragrant candles and sprays. 

Swan Creek Candle Drizzle Melts 

Is your kitchen bringing the rest of you house down? If a kitchen overhaul is out of the question (and budget) you might have to start off small. Remember: even the smallest things can have a major impact. You could start off with new dinnerware, place mats and napkin/napkin rings.

Certified International, Chelsea
Are your bare walls keeping your house from meeting its full potential? We can help! Our stores have wide array of art, mirrors and wall decor to dress up your walls.

If your boring backyard is making your abode look barbaric, maybe you should stop by. We have a wide range of patio furnishings that will beautify your bungalow.

Heritage, by Agio
Antigua, by Erwin
Casa Casual, by Hudson
Oh, and right now...patio furniture is 40-80% off!

Monday, August 15, 2016

Gift Card Giveaway

Know what time it is? IT'S GIVEAWAY TIME!! To win a $50 gift card, all you have to do is go to our store and snap a pic of something you've found there, then post that pic on our Facebook page. It can be ANYTHING...from a candle to a cantilever! We want to see what strikes your fancy. Winner will be chosen at random on August 22, 2016.

Wednesday, August 3, 2016

Unconventional Candle Charger

A  recurring theme you'll find on here is ways to stretch the mighty dollar. And when I say "stretch," I mean really S-T-R-E-T-C-H!

I like walking through stores and finding unconventional ways of using everyday items. For instance, I was walking through Trees n Trends a couple of weeks looking for a charger to hold candles. I found a few but none that really jumped out at me. I was in the back of the store when I came upon a gold metallic mirror. This mirror was exceptional. I loved the texture and how far it projected from the wall. (Not too far; just right.)

Side note: If you haven't heard, metal is SO in this year. Lucky for you, Trees n Trends has a ton! 

Then it occurred to me. Why couldn't I use that mirror for a charger? I could set the it on a table, position a few candles on the top and bask in its illuminating glow. Which is exactly what I did.

Whether or not the mirrored surface actually creates more light is a scientific question that has been disputed for years.

It doesn't matter to me...it sure is B-E-A-U-tiful!

Greatest thing of all is that after I'm done using it as a charger, I can hang it on the wall. (If you read the last blog entry you'll know how huge of an undertaking that used to be for me.)

Hopefully I have now planted a seed in you that will make you look at things differently. Next time you're at the store maybe you can find an unconventional use for a conventional item. I'd love to hear about it if you do. ;-)

Monday, August 1, 2016

I Need to be Committed

The following infograph must have been written by angels because it, quite honestly, has me scrambling for a hammer and nails and ALL of my unhung photos! 

 Click Here


I suffer from commitment-phobia.

I know you're probably thinking this isn't the time nor the place to be airing my dirty laundry, but it is.

It SO is.

I have a phobia of hanging things on my walls. I've searched the web to find the correct term for this but fell short. Therefore, I've decided to call it what it is: commitment-phobia. I am terrified of hanging pictures, mirrors, clocks, or the like, on my walls for fear that I won't be committed to that location. I'm afraid I'll change my mind-because that's EXACTLY what will happen. Every time. It never fails. I'm so bad that when we built our home three years ago, I made my husband put our tile backsplash in the kitchen on a piece of plywood so that it will be easier to take down when I get tired of it.

Guess what. I'm tired of it. 

I know I'm not the only one that suffers from this debilitating-decorating condition because I found article after article where bare-walled people were begging for help.

Did it effect you the same way? Or were you always chilled when it came to hanging pictures? In the past, if you ever had this "phobia", what did you do to overcome it? I'd love to hear from you!

Friday, July 29, 2016

Entryway: A Blog Series #4

Have you read the previous posts in my 'entryway' series? What started this series was an article I had read about "captivating entryways". It had me intrigued. I thought to myself, "Self, I wonder if Trees n Trends could help captivate MY guests when they entered MY house?" So I took it upon myself to go to the store and replicate the photos I had seen. I have to admit, I was impressed. I found nearly everything listed in that article at our store.

There was a photo of a GRAND entrance with, what looked like, a round dining room table sitting in the middle of it. In the center of it, positioned ever so perfectly, was a beautiful floral arrangement. Personally, I don't know anyone that has an entrance this grand (read: huge), so I scaled what I found down a bit.

For those that are able to go a little larger, I found these pieces:

If you are lucky enough to have a grand entrance and are able, by all means, GO BIG! I'm sure we will have what you're looking for.

(You should check out the article 25 Captivating Entryways That Embrace the Beauty of the Gallery Wall and see if you can figure out which photo I tried to recreate. Let me know if you figure it out!)

Entryways: A Blog Series #3

I hope you've been following along. If you haven't, you should know that after reading an article by Sherry Nothingam, I had found nearly everything that she had mentioned about entryways, in our store. We might not have YOUR family photos but we do have the frames for them. Wonder if I can keep batting a thousand?

The next foyer I came across had a small chest of drawers with a gold lamp sitting atop it with a tufted bench off to the right. On the focal wall was a starburst mirror and wide array of framed artwork. (Like I said before, we have a ton in our store and I couldn't possibly post them all.You should go to the store and take a gander for yourself!) Let's see what I could find in the store:

I found it all!

Next, please.

(You should check out the article 25 Captivating Entryways That Embrace the Beauty of the Gallery Wall and see if you can figure out which photo I tried to recreate. Let me know if you figure it out!)

Thursday, July 28, 2016

PURSECASE....Greatest invention since the iPhone!

"The PurseCase is a patented phonecase designed to carry your smartphone and most important essentials. Keep your phone, credit cards, ID, and some cash all in one place for quick access in the most fashionable way. PurseCase was featured on ABC's Shark Tank & partnered with Lori Greiner."

Available in SELECT Stores & Online!