Wednesday, March 1, 2017

Cushions and Pillows Galore!

Have you ever seen so many outdoor pillows and cushions in your life? Every color imaginable! So many different patterns! All different shapes and sizes! Visit your Trees n Trends to view them all, up close and personal.



What colors are you going to use this spring? Whatever you choose, I'm sure we'll have it. 😉

Monday, February 13, 2017

A Visit to Trees n Trends Awakens Your Senses

In the busy world that we live in today, it's easy to get preoccupied with "quick and easy,"  but that's not always the right approach. For instance, shopping online for your home is fine and all if you're buying toiletries, but when it comes to actual home decor, a hands-on approach is the only way to go. Choosing items to decorate your home involves using all five of your senses.


You walk into Trees n Trends and you see anything from picture frames to patio furniture. Trust me, you will walk around the store and see things you didn't know we had. Heck, even I still do that!


Lean in close to your screen....just a little take a whiff. Do you smell that?
Of course not. You're not at the store. You're missing out on some of the most pleasurable bouquets to ever be invoked on your olfactory system. (It smells good, too.😉 )


Take your hand and run it across those super-soft fleece throws.
What? You can't feel it?
That's because you're not at the store.



You might as well turn you speakers all the way down because, unless you're hearing this fountain in person, you won't appreciate the effervescent delight of water cascading down multiple elevations until finally dispersing into a deep abysm. (It sounds that good!)


Let's face it, friends. If you're shopping at Trees n Trends, you have great taste. That makes sense. 😉

Friday, February 10, 2017

Back in December Pantone released their picks for the 2017 colors of spring. Looking over the colors I surmised that it would be easy to incorporate each of the colors in your home. So, acting as your personal shopper, I visited the store and found each of the ten colors amongst our various array of merchandise.

Do you already use any of these colors in your house? Do you plan on using any of them in particular? What color do plan on NOT incorporating into your designs? 

Wednesday, December 7, 2016

Christmas 2016 GIfts for Santa's Helpers

How many of you know of a Christmas-oholic? You know the soon as the the last trick-or-treater steps off their porch, they're decorating for Christmas. Not to mention, they've been jamming to "Jingle Bell Rock" since after Labor Day. What in the world would you buy for someone like that? Watch the video below for some jolly-good ideas.


Friday, December 2, 2016

Christmas 2016 Corkcicle GIfts

If you ever run across someone that is completely impossible to buy for, I have the solution: Corkcicle. 

I'm fairly certain that everyone wants to keep their hot drinks hot and their cold drinks cold. Therefore, everyone could use one of the Tumblers, Canteens, or Artican.

If you know of a Oenophilia (lover of wine) or an Oktoberfest-regular, the Decapitator, Chillsner or Whiskey Wedge would be right up their alley, as well.