Wednesday, May 25, 2016

DIY Floral Napkin Ring

If you want to do something fun for your Memorial Day, or any party for that matter, use this quick trick for a bright and whimsical look to any table scape using only 2 items:

  • Wire Silk Flower Stem (we used a bright poppy red daisy)
  • Cloth Napkin (we grabbed one of our navy blue cloth napkins with a festive star)

Take your cloth napkin fold however you like to fold it.  A simple way to do it is fold it in half and then again to make a square, turn the napkin so that it is in a diamond shape and fold the sides behind the front. 

Grab your flower and begin twisting the stem into a spiral.  Keep twisting until the petals are facing forward.

Slide the napkin through and that's all you need for a fun napkin ring that can be easily updated for every table setting you have.  Have fun with the color of your stems and napkins - little details like these make for a quick way to take your place settings from ordinary to extraordinary!

For more Memorial Day inspiration, from recipes to d├ęcor, follow our Pinterest board dedicated to anything patriotic -

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