Wednesday, August 14, 2019

FALL in Love with Porch Pots

A couple weeks ago, we shared a photo on Facebook of a gorgeous autumn porch pot Kevin had made. After many "likes," "loves," and inquiries on how to make it, we thought a blog post was in order.

Before you start, make sure you gather all needed materials:

  • Outdoor container (sold in store)
  • Evergreen pot filler (sold in store and online)
  • Crabapple wreath (sold in store and online)
  • Sunflower stems  (sold in store)
  • Torchflower stems  (sold in store)
  • Japanese Lantern stem  (sold in store)
  • Preserved leaves - 1pk  (sold in store)
  • Open-mesh natural ribbon  (sold in store)
  • Plaid mesh ribbon  (sold in store)
  • "Thankful" 4 in ribbon  (sold in store)
  • Pumpkin 2.5 in neutral ribbon  (sold in store)
  • Floral wire  (sold in store)


1) Place evergreen pot filler into container.

Did you see how easy that was?

2) Next, add the crabapple wreath and secure it with floral wire.

3) Gather up the sunflower, torchflower, and Japanese lantern stems.

Kevin seems to really be concentrating on the placement of the stems. 

4) Bundle them together and secure with floral wire.

5) Place the bundle of stems in the center of the crabapple wreath; anchor it to the pot filler.

6) Add a big beautiful bow.

7) Set it off with the preserved leaf stems, placed sporadically.


Had you already heard the buzz about "porch pots"? If not, look them up on Google images or Pinterest. They're absolutely stunning. For all of you DIYers, we have everything you need to make your very own. 

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