Thursday, October 17, 2019

Trees n Trends -INDOOR- Christmas Tree Farm

This time of year, the temps are dropping, as are the leaves. Before long, it's going to be time to decorate for Christmas. (Although, some of you might have already gotten a jump-start on that. More power to you.) This year, you're needing a new tree but not sure about the size, shape, or type of foliage. You're also considering if you should get one with lights or without. What about one that's fresh-cut, or maybe one sprinkled with freshly fallen faux snow? Decisions, decisions. It seems naming your firstborn child was easier than this. 
But wait...


We're not called "Trees n Trends" for nothing! We have over 25 years experience with all types of artificial trees. In fact, we're the largest supplier in the southeast. With that being said, we appreciate you coming to us and trusting us with such an important purchasing decision. Before we find your ForeverTree, there are a few things to consider. 

This is probably the most important factor to consider when purchasing a Christmas tree. Is it a large room? Do guests normally have an easy time navigating through it? Does it have large furniture pieces (i.e.,couch or buffet)? Will you be moving furniture around to accommodate the tree? Another aspect to consider is the height of your ceiling. There should always be at least six inches between your treetop and the ceiling. This should leave enough room for your favorite tree topper. (What? You don't have a favorite tree topper? You're in luck...we have quite a few in our stores to choose from.)

We have four...possibly five shapes of Christmas trees in each of our stores and/or online. 

1. Full profile - this tree will be about 1.5 times as tall as it is wide. Example: a 7.5ft tree will have a base diameter of about 5ft or more.

2. Medium profile - this tree will be 1.5-2 times as tall as it is wide. Example: a 7.5ft tree will have a base diameter between 3.75ft-5ft.

3. Slim profile - this tree will be 2-2.5 times as tall as it is wide. Example: a 7.5ft tree will have a base diameter between 3ft-3.75ft.

4. Pencil profile - this tree will be more than 2.5 times as tall as it is wide. Example: a 7.5ft tree will have a base diameter under 3.75ft.

5. Misc. - This last group is reserved for those special trees. Those trees that are upside down (perfect for those with children or pets) or maybe even cut in half (perfect for those with limited space for a tree). I'm sure there's more we could add to this group.    

...that is the question. The answer depends on whether you want your TREE or your ORNAMENTS to be the focal point. Unlit trees put more emphasis on the ornaments and are usually less expensive than prelit trees. While prelit trees offer the convenience of being ready out-of-the-box and definitely have a WOW factor. (I mean, you don't take the family driving around to look at UNLIT trees, do you?) Or, if you have a tendency of being a little obsessive, you could always get an unlit tree and buy your lights separately. That way, you have exactly the number of lights you want and they're strategically placed by you.

Speaking of convenience, our latest ForeverTree comes with EasyLite pole construction with 5mm LED lights. The tree has three sections that snap together, and when plugged into an outlet, it lights up. (See video below.) 

Also, make sure you check out our post about how many lights you need for your tree, wreaths, teardrops, and/or garlands to be show-stoppers.

We have them all, but do you know the difference in them? Photos would probably help.

1. Fresh-cut

2. Iced - "Looks like it might have frosted last night."

3. Snowy - "We got a light dusting of snow last night."

4. Flocked - "We had a blizzard last night!"

I can't think of any other choices you'll have to make while picking out that perfect tree. If you think of one, just comment below. Happy tree shopping!

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