Tuesday, September 16, 2014

A Harry Potter Inspired Mantle

Trees n Trends is not only a great source for Halloween decor but our designers are an amazing resource for customized holiday decorations. Sarah and her family are huge fans of the Harry Potter series. When she mentioned that her family was taking a trip to the Wizarding World of Harry Potter over fall break AND dressing up as Harry Potter characters for Halloween, Kevin suggested crafting a custom Harry Potter inspired mantle to help them celebrate their favorite series. 

First, Kevin and Sarah took a trip through the aisles of Trees n Trends to select Harry Potter inspired decor from all over the store. From owls to toads, they knew the ever-present magical creatures would be a central theme of the decor. Looking beyond the Halloween aisle, Sarah and Kevin selected an owl portrait from wall art and a toad from the patio section. 

Of course, no Harry Potter mantle would be complete without a sorting hat and other special Halloween decor. So, after a trip down the holiday aisle, Kevin and Sarah were ready to head to her house!

Once at her home, Sarah had some of the decor she already owned ready for Kevin. A Trees n Trends designer is a great resource precisely because they are experts at mixing old and new or everyday and holiday! Kevin had a metal wall art piece ready to replicate the floating candles of Hogwarts main hall. He then added garland crafted from branches, fall leaves, and fantasy flowers from that Botany Class Harry is always missing!

Layering magical trunks, toads, owls, and a Sorting Hat with the books themselves, Kevin left small, visual clues and signs for any fan to enjoy. Sarah already had a Nimbus 2000 ordered for Halloween, so that was the perfect finishing touch along with metal tea light hangers.

Sarah was absolutely thrilled with the results! Any Harry Potter fan would love this Halloween decor. However, whether you are a Harry Potter fan or not, the mantle is still SO elegant and beautiful that anybody would enjoy the magical effect.

Of course, the adults are important but we can't help but think the reaction of Sarah's 5-year-old son says it all!

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