Tuesday, October 7, 2014

How to make a Halloween Mailbox Huggie

Outdoor decor is an essential part of any Halloween decor and decorating your mailbox is always a fun way to get started. Kevin is here to show you how to craft a Halloween Mailbox Huggie using mesh ribbon and Halloween novelties!

Kevin used a rail system as the base for his mailbox huggie. However, you can use a small garland and place it over a cemetery frame or mailbox frame.You can also just place the garland directly onto your mailbox.

Both the 10" or 21" wide mesh ribbon will work. In this video, Kevin used the 10". Making wide full loops gather up the mesh ribbon to fill the frame or garland with which you are working. Cut and leave a foot long tail. After completing your first side, repeat on the second side making sure to leave another foot long tail.

Kevin used a rail system so after completing the first run he crisscrossed across the system adding more loops in a zigzag fashion to create a fuller effect.

After completing the piece, place it on the mailbox and secure with a tie. Kevin completed the look with witch's legs and other Halloween novelty items. Depending on the look of your mesh, you can use whatever you like to complete your huggie - just make sure and secure with glue or ties.

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