Thursday, April 28, 2016

You Should Color..No Really

Coloring books aren't just child's play anymore.  They have exploded as a great way to relax and de-stress for adults as well!!  As we mature, our crayons and colored pencils become a distant memory and are replaced by monitors, keyboards, pens and highlighters.  Recently however, coloring has become a recommended means of relaxing for adults.  So if you are looking for an excuse to break out the crayons, here are 5 reasons why adults should get to coloring!

1.  REDUCES STRESS.  When you start to color, your focus becomes on filling in the images and your other concerns, thoughts or worries no longer are in the front of your mind.  In simple terms, your worries are off your mind and you are focused on the task at hand.

2. STIMULATES THE BRAIN AND THE SENSES - How many of you can remember the smell of a crayon?  The feel of a newly sharpened coloring pencil?  These sense memories don't have to remain a distant thought from childhood, but are now part of the brain and sense stimulation of coloring.  Think of it as a way to stretch your mind and give your brain a nice work out. 

3. IMPROVES CONCENTRATION & ATTENTION TO DETAIL - Just like we mentioned in #1, when you are focused on coloring, you are building up your ability to concentrate without interruption.  Coloring pages with intricate designs improve concentration more and encourage you to pay attention to detail to create a masterpiece.

4.  SPARKS CREATIVITY - When we become adults, it is very easy to fall into a routine and not allow spontaneity or creativity to flourish in our day to day lives.  But sitting in front of a fresh coloring page sparks our creativity immediately.

5.  RELAXING - Grab a fresh coloring page, crayons and or colored pencils and begin to enjoy a relaxing moment to yourself.  Making time to enjoy something is relaxing and peaceful. 

Friday, April 22, 2016

Administrative Professionals Day

In any office, there is a group of folks that are truly the glue behind the operations and those are the administrative professionals.  Mark your calendars for Wednesday, August 27th because this is their day.  While you probably rely on them heavily to do most of your "thank you" tasks for customers, clients and sometimes even for your family (shout out to them for covering you when you forgot Mom's birthday, right?), this is the time to show them how much you appreciate them for all they do to keep your professional world running smoothly.

 Give one of our ideas a whirl this year and we promise you will have a very happy administrative professional.

1. CORKCICLE: Coffee and tea are the two of the best friends any office worker can have.  Let your administrative professional sip in style with a designer coffee tumbler by Corkcicle. Trees n Trends carries a variety of travel tumblers to choose for the java lover in your office. Make sure you pick a color they love because this will be used daily.  Guaranteed. Bonus, these tumblers keep cold drinks chilly for 9 hours and hot drinks toasty for up to 3. 

2. LUNCH TIME: There is nothing like having a break from the grind of the office and your administrative professionals will enjoy getting out and about and having a meal on you.  Let's face it, we all love a free lunch!!

3.COMPLIMENT BOARD: It is such a simple phrase, "You Are Appreciated," but it goes a very long way for any employee.  Grab a corkboard or dry erase board and set it up with YOU ARE APPRECIATED along the top next to their desk.  Have other co-workers post what they appreciate most about your administrative professionals hard work.  Once again, a happy staff is a productive staff...
4.EXTRA DAY OFF: A happy employee is a productive employee.  If you can swing it, let your admins have an extra personal day to rest up and be ready to tackle their responsibilities.  This is a meaningful gesture to say thank you and you've earned a day. 

We hope these ideas spark creativity for Administrative Professionals Day.  Be sure to make it a special day - they deserve it!

Wednesday, April 13, 2016

Top 5 Distinctive Mother's Day Gifts

Mother’s Day is drawing near and while there is still time on the calendar to think of the one who gave you her all, let’s forget a last minute approach to gift giving this year and focus on things that she really wants, shall we?  Here are some of the top gift ideas to bring a smile to Mom on her special day.


Give Mom the gift of spring with a basket of gardening décor and accessories for her veggies and flowers to bloom in style.  From bright colors to classic finishes, these items give the most sophisticated look to any gardener’s paradise.   Make a basket for Mom including the items shown here.

Remind your Mom how inspirational she is with our line of iron & wooden crosses, family-centric box signs and stunning wall décor to show her that even though the world is full of moms, she is still your favorite one. Include one of your favorite family photos or poem in a frame and have a thoughtful gift that shows Mom how much you celebrate her every day.

We know what you are thinking, its Mother’s Day and flowers are pretty common choices, right?  Not in this case.  Our premade silk arrangements featuring décor from shabby chic to contemporary and everything in between, will delight Moms of all styles. Our staff of designers have created timeless arrangements to make you look really good this Mother's Day. Plus, these will last forever too and Mom doesn't have to do any work to keep them looking great.

Adult coloring books are a huge trend right now and provide much needed relaxation for the busiest of us all, and Mom is no exception.  Gift Mom a relaxation care package for Mother’s Day with coloring books, colored pencils, her favorite coffee or tea and a new mug for an afternoon of throwback fun for Mom. Our favorite one is this Mom centric coloring book for de-stressing and enjoyment.

If your Mom is a lake lover or beach bum, bring the sand and sun inside with our extensive line of lake and beach décor.  Who says home can't be a vacation? 

Moms deserve to be celebrated everyday, but on this holiday, make sure to bring a smile to her face with these gifts and more from Trees n Trends.  Which one do you think your Mom will love?  Let us know!