Monday, December 1, 2014

How to make an arch for your Christmas Nativity

Today we're here to show you how to use wrapped wires to create a rustic yet elegant arch for your Christmas Nativity Scene. A beautiful backdrop for your Nativity is the perfect visual anchor to give such a special piece the attention it deserves.

Items Needed:
2 stems from the Fantasy Flower line
Foam block the size of your container
Container of your choice

  1. Decide on the width of the piece you'd like. 
  2. Insert into either end of the foam block.
  3. Begin with the two tallest pieces and fold together. 
  4. Then take your next piece over and under the two connected pieces. Fold and wrap.
  5. Continue until you've used all your stems. 
  6. Feel free to fold the arch forward to add more drama.
If you don't have something that looks exactly like our Fantasy Flower stems, don't worry. Think out of the box - any wrapped wire could work! If you'd like to increase the size of your piece, simply use more stems.

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