Wednesday, June 15, 2016

5 Pieces to Brighten Your Summer Space

Summer is a great time to update the look of your indoor OR outdoor space.  With a few key pieces, you can transform your space into a Summer look with 5 simple pieces from Trees n Trends.

1.  Wooden Sign
A wooden sign, like this "Smile" sign is not only a unique and whimsical piece, but it reminds you to enjoy your space.
*Available for $39.99

2. Trunk Box
Storage is useful in any area, but it doesn't need to look boring.  This multi-colored herringbone pattern ties all the hues together and is useful. 
*Available for $39.99

3.Textured Pillow
Pillows are fantastic additions to indoor or outdoor spaces.  Since the pattern is so striking in the trunk box, we chose to keep this piece interesting through texture.
*Available $24.99

4.Orange Vase
Vases in different heights and textures are a fun way to add both dimension and depth to your space. 
*Available for $24.99

5. Plate & Candle
Mixing patterns is fun, but can be a daunting task to anyone.  We grabbed one of our appetizer plates from the Chelsea collection, which features a complimentary green and ivory color in a pattern that is subtle and blends with the patterns and textures of the pieces mentioned above.  We added a green small candle to sit in the middle of the plate for dimension.
*Plate available for $6.99, Candle $12.99

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