Friday, July 8, 2016

Dorm Room Do's

They grow up so fast.

It seems like only yesterday that I was in my pj's, sitting on the school bus, right next to my daughter, as she was making her way to her first day of kindergarten. (Long story short: she was NOT going to get on that bus without her mommy. Thankfully, we lived right next to the school and the bus driver was a personal friend. After having had a wonderful first day, I never had to board the big yellow limousine again.)

Today, as we're making preparations for her first day of college, I came across a handy checklist with things every college student will need as they transition into a dorm life. (So many things I had never even thought about before. A sewing kit? That's brilliant! Now SHE can sew that button on her shirt.) With this list, I feel much better about her embarking on this new stage in her life.

Now that we have the necessities covered, it's time for the fun part...decorating her new pad! I went to the Trees n Trends store and went wild. I'll show you a few of the things they had and my reasons for getting them.

  1. Memo BoardShe can stick reminders on here so she won't forget anything (i.e., appointments, upcoming tests, to call mom).
  2. Faith-Family-FriendsEven when she's busy with college life, I want her to see this and remember what is truly important.
  3. Baskets
    One word. Organization.
  4. Clock
    She'll never be late for class.
  5. Quilt SetDarling bedding that will make her WANT to make up her bed every morning (even if I'm not there to remind her.)
  6. LampThis is for when she needs to turn the light on but doesn't want to wake her roommate.
  7. PillowsSomething soft for her sweet head to lay on.
  8. Wall DecorShe needs to dress up those plain white walls.
  9. Tray - See #3
  10. Waste Basket
    While she's at school, maybe she'll learn that trash goes in here and not on the floor.
  11. Trunk
    This is where she can store items that remind her of home.
  12. Cross
    When she is freaking out over exams, work and boyfriends, I want her see this and remember His promise that He will never give her more than she can handle.

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