Thursday, September 29, 2016

Fall's "I NEED" List

I've poured over article after article trying to come up with a list of what you'll need in your home to make Fall 2016 the best Fall ever. Everything listed was found at Trees n  Trends. 

#1. Pumpkins

Not just ANY pumpkin, either -- 2016 is the year of the white pumpkin. Very versatile. It can be elegant or playful, depending on how you're using it.

#2. Scents of Fall

There's no other season that has as many scents associated with it. A whiff of cinnamon (a key ingredient to the ever popular "pumpkin spice") or a bonfire is guaranteed to make you reminisce to that time in late October when...

#3. Nature

Using natural elements in your home decor brings the season indoors for all to enjoy. Elements like dried wheat, branches of berries and/or bolls of cotton would be ideal to replace the blooms of summer. 

#4. Throw blankets

The days getting shorter and the nights getting longer makes one yearn to binge-watch the latest season of House of Cards on Netflix while snuggling up with a velvety soft throw. Trust me on this one. 

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