Thursday, November 10, 2016

Ideas for the Wire Snowmen Baskets

Recently, we have gotten in a few things at the store that I'm truly smitten with. They are the wire snowmen baskets.

One reason I adore them so is their "decorative longevity".  You are able to use them throughout the winter months in many different capacities. 

Let's compile a list, shall we?
  • Set the duo on your mantle and fill them with ornaments.
  • When hosting a soiree, you could set the two tiered snowman out, holding condiments, napkins or anything of the like.
  • Fill them with scented pinecones.
  • Set the pair on a table next to the door to hold your gloves and scarves or even your keys. 
  • If you're crafty, get styrofoam balls, cover them in glue or Mod Podge, then roll them around in white glitter. Now you have a basket of sparkly "snowballs". 
There is no limit to the amount things you can think of doing with the wire snowman baskets. We'd love to hear what YOU come up with. Leave your ideas below.

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