Friday, April 22, 2016

Administrative Professionals Day

In any office, there is a group of folks that are truly the glue behind the operations and those are the administrative professionals.  Mark your calendars for Wednesday, August 27th because this is their day.  While you probably rely on them heavily to do most of your "thank you" tasks for customers, clients and sometimes even for your family (shout out to them for covering you when you forgot Mom's birthday, right?), this is the time to show them how much you appreciate them for all they do to keep your professional world running smoothly.

 Give one of our ideas a whirl this year and we promise you will have a very happy administrative professional.

1. CORKCICLE: Coffee and tea are the two of the best friends any office worker can have.  Let your administrative professional sip in style with a designer coffee tumbler by Corkcicle. Trees n Trends carries a variety of travel tumblers to choose for the java lover in your office. Make sure you pick a color they love because this will be used daily.  Guaranteed. Bonus, these tumblers keep cold drinks chilly for 9 hours and hot drinks toasty for up to 3. 

2. LUNCH TIME: There is nothing like having a break from the grind of the office and your administrative professionals will enjoy getting out and about and having a meal on you.  Let's face it, we all love a free lunch!!

3.COMPLIMENT BOARD: It is such a simple phrase, "You Are Appreciated," but it goes a very long way for any employee.  Grab a corkboard or dry erase board and set it up with YOU ARE APPRECIATED along the top next to their desk.  Have other co-workers post what they appreciate most about your administrative professionals hard work.  Once again, a happy staff is a productive staff...
4.EXTRA DAY OFF: A happy employee is a productive employee.  If you can swing it, let your admins have an extra personal day to rest up and be ready to tackle their responsibilities.  This is a meaningful gesture to say thank you and you've earned a day. 

We hope these ideas spark creativity for Administrative Professionals Day.  Be sure to make it a special day - they deserve it!

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