Wednesday, November 15, 2017

One Wreath, Two Seasons

Take one pine wreath...

24" Norway wreath

Add one wooden Santa head...


Grab a bow and throw in a few sprigs of berries, and TA-DA...

You have just created a simple, yet adorable Christmas wreath. 

But what's a girl (or boy) to do after Christmas?

Take that same pine wreath...

24" Norway wreath

This time, add a wooden snowman head...


Grab another bow (you can use those same sprigs of berries if you want), and TA-DA...

You have now created a wreath that will last you the rest of winter. that I take a step back, I think it's missing something. I think it needs lights. Luckily, I know where you can find some! 

LED string lights

Then I had a thought! To tie in the snowman theme, wrap our LED snowman lights around a the topiary beside your door.

LED snowman string lights

Boxwood topiary

Perfect. Now your front porch is complete until spring!

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