Tuesday, August 23, 2016

Did You Know You Could Do That?

I'm flabbergasted right now.

As much as I use Pinterest, I have just now discovered a "new" tool they came out with in the latter part of LAST YEAR. Yes, that's right, this tool has been around nearly a full year and I'm just now finding out about it. #wherehaveibeen

"When you spot something in a Pin that you want to learn more about, tap the search tool in the corner. Then select the part of the Pin you’re interested in, and we’ll show you Pins just like it. You can even filter your visual search results by topic so you find exactly what you’re looking for.”"

For instance: Let's say I'm looking at the pin below and I want to know more about the polygonal item on the upper shelf on the right. I click on the magnifying glass with four corners. (The yellow arrow is pointing at it-- IMO, I think it's a little obscure.)

By clicking on the magnifying glass, you'll get a scalable box.

This is where you can grab any of the corners and zone-in on exactly what you're searching for.

On the right side, you'll notice a list of images that are similar to the one highlighted. You can scroll through and find information on it (i.e., where it's sold, the price, ect). 

Oddly enough, I found that this quirky polygon is sold at Trees n Trends. Same goes for everything else in the photo. ;-)

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