Tuesday, August 30, 2016

Fall Decor for the Decorating Impaired

For some of us, decorating doesn't come easy. I think that's why one of our most popular videos right now shows how to decorate a Fall lantern in two easy steps.

SAY WHAT?!?!!? You read that correctly....ONLY TWO STEPS!! 

After that video was posted on Facebook, the most prevalent comment was, "Even I could do that!" Let me tell you...you SO could!

Now that your blood is pumping and your confidence is building, how would you like to make an adorable Fall wreath in just a few easy steps?

I thought so. ;-)

Things you'll need:

-A wreath. You could use a straw wreath, a grapevine wreath or any type of wreath, really. For the sake of argument, I've chosen a maple leaf wreath. Very Fall-y, don't you think?

-A scarecrow kit. These handy kits consist of the head, two arms, and two legs AND can be found at your nearest Trees n Trends. :-)

-Wire or some other means of fastening the legs to the wreath. You see, the head, arms, and legs have dowel rods to stick into the wreath; the legs do not.

- Ribbon. This isn't a necessity but it sure does make it look like a lot more work went into making your scarecrow wreath than it actually did. (Shhh....it'll be our little secret!)

You put all of it together and...

And there you have it. An easy Fall wreath that you made all by yourself. (When you tell your friends, remember to omit the word "easy".)

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