Wednesday, August 17, 2016

Is Your Beautiful House Ugly?

At Trees n Trends, our goal is to help beautify your home with unique furniture and decor. With that being said, we would hate for ANYTHING to get in the way of that. Especially if it's dust bunnies, sneakers or your lackluster backyard. After reading 10 Things That Are Making Your House Ugly and How to Fix Them, I made it my quest to see how Trees n Trends could help out. 

First thing's first: I promise, no one wants to walk into your home and have to dodge domestic landmines (ie, shoes, keys, unopened mail). You're in luck...WE CAN HELP! Like the saying goes, "Everything has a place and every place has a thing." The apothecary cabinet would be that "place" for all of your "things".

Coast to Coast 2-door Media Center
Another thing on their list was offending odors. Nothing is pretty when what you're smelling is UGLY! But, it just so happens that our stores carry a varying array of fragrant candles and sprays. 

Swan Creek Candle Drizzle Melts 

Is your kitchen bringing the rest of you house down? If a kitchen overhaul is out of the question (and budget) you might have to start off small. Remember: even the smallest things can have a major impact. You could start off with new dinnerware, place mats and napkin/napkin rings.

Certified International, Chelsea
Are your bare walls keeping your house from meeting its full potential? We can help! Our stores have wide array of art, mirrors and wall decor to dress up your walls.

If your boring backyard is making your abode look barbaric, maybe you should stop by. We have a wide range of patio furnishings that will beautify your bungalow.

Heritage, by Agio
Antigua, by Erwin
Hudson, by Casa Casual
Oh, and right now...patio furniture is 40-80% off!

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